Extractables & Leachables Europe 2017

The first panel, taking place on Day 1, covers BPOG vs. USP: What is expected to be used and what is the current trend to work towards?. Led by renowned expert Carsten Worsoe, Principal Scientist at Novo Nordisk, this panel will delve into the differences and similarities between BPOG and USP, what is expected to be used and what the industry is leaning towards. Panellists include Gilbert Tumambac, Senior Principal Scientist at Pall Life Sciences, with a representative from the FDA also invited.

The second panel, taking place on Day 2, looks at Device Testing: What can be learned from drug product E&L testing and vice versa. This panel, led by John Iannone, Director of Extractables/Leachables and Impurities at AMRI, will follow on from this year's brand new session on medical devices and a session on biocompatibility to look at what medical device testing can take from pharmaceutical testing and vice versa. Panellists include Albrecht Poth, Senior Toxicologist at Knoell and Carsten Worsoe of Novo Nordisk, with representatives from Becton Dickinson and Toxikon also invited.

Both panel discussions will provide an open environment for delegates and panellists alike to offer their opinions and comments on these key topics. Come and share your thoughts this November by securing your ticket now!

Presenters and attendees already confirmed to attend include representatives from AstraZeneca, Baxter, GSK, Sonceboz, Eli Lilly, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Apple, Mylan and many more.