Global Business Summit 2018

Get the answers to your biggest regulatory questions in 2018

The Global Business Summit, brought to you by Chemical Watch, is a unique opportunity to explore the most pressing challenges facing the international regulatory community. Join us on 13-14 March 2018 in Amsterdam to ensure you're completely up to date with the latest news and developments, and to learn from the organisations already leading the way. 

Over two days, we'll be focusing on four key challenges: 

  • Tracking substances of concern in articles;
  • The circular economy;
  • Endocrine disruptors; and, 
  • Nanomaterials.

For each of these four areas, we have recognised experts explaining the current state of play, from a regulatory and voluntary perspective in Europe, and where relevant further afield. The 2018 Summit features leading organisations revealing how they are dealing with and creating opportunities from these challenges. Panel discussion sessions throughout the Summit will also provide a view of best practice and what the future might bring.

13 March 2018 to 14 March 2018
The Netherlands, Amsterdam