Chemistry & Analysis

Our Chemistry and Analytics team has extensive experience in all relevant aspects of physical and analytical chemistry. We can provide specialist support for the registration of industrial chemicals in the EU under REACH, as well as the registration of agrochemicals and biocides. Working in conjunction with a wide variety of consortia, task forces and individual clients, our chemical assessment starts with the physico-chemical hazard assessment and concludes with a detailed risk characterisation.

Our services in the fields of chemistry and analysis

  • Evaluation of all available data according to Klimisch et al. (1997) and preparing a data gap analysis
  • Study monitoring for physico-chemical properties and spectral and analytical tests according to OECD guidelines, EC, CIPAC and EPA methods and GLP
  • Advice on testing strategies for difficult substances such as poorly soluble materials, metals and UVCBs
  • Support in the area of Classification and Labelling according to regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 (CLP)
  • Design of read across strategies (analogue as well as category approach) using, for example, the OECD Toolbox, and preparing the read-across justification documents
  • Development of Integrated Test Strategy approaches with the help of available data, read across analogues (or category dataset), expert statements and/or QSAR
  • Prediction of physical and chemical properties for various substance types using a selection of QSAR tools, for example, EPISuite, SPARC, Chemprop
  • Preparation of robust study summaries and endpoint summaries in IUCLID for the final chemical safety assessment (CSA) and its associated report (CSR)
  • Consultancy in the field of Substance Identity for well-defined substances as well as for various types of UVCB substances
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