Only Representative Service

An Only Representative (OR) according to Article 8 of the REACH Regulation supports a non-EU manufacturer in the registration process. In a close cooperation an OR fulfils the obligations on importers under REACH for the substance(s) of concern. Thus, the non-EU manufacturer offers a valuable service to his EU clients by appointing an OR.

Services of an Only Representative

An OR assists the non-EU manufacturer in the REACH registration process by (late) pre-registering of the substance(s) pursuant to Article 28 REACH, representing in the different Substance Information Exchange Fora (SIEF) and consortia, communicating with authorities, SIEF members, consortia, downstream users etc. and monitoring the registration process.

Additionally, as a technical consultant the OR takes care of the substance identification, best registration strategy, a thorough evaluation of existing data, the identification of data gaps and a precisely fitting proposal of testing strategies with due regard to scientific as well as economic aspects in order to close these gaps. He assists you in collecting data from downstream users, exposure calculation -if necessary- and the preparation of all necessary registration documents including literature survey, IUCLID files and the CSR. CLP notification, preparation and update of safety data sheets (SDS) and archiving and keeping information/data up-to-date complete the technical service.

As an independent trustee an appointed OR provides you the possibility to handle sensitive data confidential.

Our Team

The specialised OR Team consists of experienced scientists in the fields of toxicology, ecotoxicology and chemistry and provides extensive experience in the REACH Regulation. They are closely working together with the relevant experts of the other IC teams depending on the task(s) to be fulfilled.

Our Priority

Providing the best quality, consumer-oriented, cost efficient and in a timely manner to our clients!

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