Registration Strategies

When it comes to the REACH process, the choice of registration strategy is of significant importance. The registration strategy essentially determines where the data gaps are, and how we can fill those gaps. Therefore, in principle, the registration strategy determines the cost framework for the registration.

Our team of experts, which includes chemists, toxicologists and ecotoxicologists, explore all of the available options to avoid unnecessary testing, in order to save costs and respect animal welfare. In accordance with Annex XI of the REACH regulation we check carefully whether a given data requirement can be covered by so-called “non-testing approaches”, such as QSAR predictions, weight of evidence approaches or exposure-based waiving.

It is often also possible to derive the required data from structurally-similar substances using read-across as part of an analogue or category approach, thus avoiding having to conduct new studies. However, if a particular set of studies is found to be unavoidable, costs can be reduced with the help of an Integrated Test Strategy (ITS). Our experienced staff will be pleased to discuss each of these possibilities with you.

There are many examples of where we have been able to achieve major reductions in testing costs. You can rely on our expertise to find the most efficient way of registering your substances!

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