Our team of highly-qualified toxicologists can give expert specialist, regulatory and strategic advice in connection with risk assessment and registration of industrial chemicals, as well as biocides, agrochemicals and others, such as cosmetics.

To date, our main focus has been on the registration of chemicals in the EU under REACH but we are also increasing our activities beyond the EU, in other, related specialist areas.

Our services with regard to toxicology

  • Cooperation with contract laboratories (study management, study monitoring)
  • Study evaluation, literature searches and analysis of data gaps
  • Development of testing and registration strategies (waiving, read-across, QSAR approaches)
  • Determination of limit values (DNELs, OELs)
  • Estimation of risk from substances (hazard assessment, calculation of exposure, risk assessment, risk mitigation measures)
  • Classification and labelling according to CLP (1272/2008)
  • Classification and labelling according to GHS-UN and its regional application outside the European Union, as well as the DSD (67/548/EWG)
  • Creation of registration dossiers (e.g. IUCLID6, Chemical Safety Reports)
  • Creation of expert statements
  • Communication with authorities
  • Post-submission support in discussing and adapting risk assessments with authorities
  • Monitoring authority decisions and organizing follow-up responses, e.g. with regard to testing proposals)
  • Specialist support in creating Chemical Safety Summaries
  • Support with ICCA program on Responsible Care and the Global Product Strategy (GPS) to the safe management of chemicals
  • Specialist support by our experts in the content of Consortia
Dr. Michael Cleuvers Managing Director
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